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  • The English Lesson You Never Had

    The English Lesson You Never Had

    Are you a foreign national and you have a decent English vocabulary? Good. Do you have a good understanding of English grammar and do you shudder at seeing the words ‘should of’ appear together in a sentence? Good. This means that you’re fluent in English, right? Wrong. A common mistake is to assume that knowing…

  • Echte Britse Inburgering – Deel 2

    Echte Britse Inburgering – Deel 2

    Het VK is een geweldig land waar je geweldig vreemde dingen kunt ontdekken, zolang je er maar oog voor hebt. Echter, veel ‘typisch Britse dingen’ kom je in geen enkele cursus of website tegen; ik moest ze als immigrant aan den lijve ondervinden. Hieronder volgt het tweede deel van zaken die ik heb geleerd in…

  • Living in the UK: Things they don’t teach you – Part 2

    Living in the UK: Things they don’t teach you – Part 2

    Britain is a wonderful country where some wonderfully strange observations can be made. However, nobody will teach you any of these things when you move to the UK; it is up to you as the ‘outsider’ to find out about all of these remarkable things by yourself. Below is Part 2 of the observations that…